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Italian bedroom furniture in Florence, Tuscany


Tailor-made bedrooms and wardrobes in Florence

Our workshop in Florence designs and manufactures closets, bedside tables, furniture elements of all kinds designed for classic and modern bedrooms.

Classic bedrooms

Games of shapes, colors and emotions

From the clean lines of wooden beds, to the curvature of dressers and mirrors, each piece of furniture warms the sleeping area, giving it coziness and emotion.For elegant style that does not give up comfort and functionality.


The sleeping area gets a new charm

Geometric and natural lines, soft or rigorous.Modern compositional solutions with brilliant surfaces, functional and relaxing for beds, closets, dressers and nightstands. A new charm that gives the bedroom sobriety and sophistication.
closets of all sizes

Italian bedroom furniture

We manufacture closets of all sizes that are practical and well integrated with the style of the room: closets with doors and flaps, wall-mounted or built-in, or equipped with a powered mechanism to make it easier to pick up your clothing.
optimize space
FAGNINI FURNITURE completes the furnishing of walk-in closets with wooden shelving to make the most of the space available.
We operate in Florence, Tuscany, and throughout Italy. As well as abroad upon request.