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workshop carpentry

Carpentry Florence


FAGNINI FURNITURE moves under the banner of environmental sustainability, using a briquetting machine system to recycle chips and dust, and thanks to a modern photovoltaic system as to be independent and autonomous in the working process.
High customization service

Wood craftsmen with the latest technology

In our Florence workshop, wood is brought back to life, expertly shaped to meet the needs of our customers.FAGNINI FURNITURE makes bespoke furniture, conducting timely preliminary surveys and accurately following the design of the custom-made furniture.

Craftsmanship and technology

Fagnini Furniture in Via Pistoiese, Florence

FAGNINI FURNITURE treats wood before and after cutting, either by hand or by means of specific machine tools, taking advantage of the know-how of pure carpentry and specific technical skills developed through years of experience.

Assembly and assistance

Carpentry Florence

Nothing is left to chance: when we make a custom piece of furniture, FAGNINI FURNITURE carries out an initial assembly in the workshop to verify the final product is correct before delivery.