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Upkeep and Proper Care of Wood Furniture: Best Practices to Preserve its Natural Beauty

Wood furniture brings warmth, elegance and a touch of nature to any room. It is essential to adopt the right maintenance and care practices to keep them in excellent condition and lengthen their life. In this article, we will go over the best practices you can follow to take care of wood furniture, along with recommended products for best results.


Dust and Regular Cleaning

Dust is one of the main enemies of wooden furniture. As it accumulates, it can scratch the surface and dull it over time. To prevent this, clean furniture regularly with a dry or slightly dampened cloth. Be sure to wipe gently so as not to scratch up the wood.

Humidity and Temperature Changes

Wood is sensitive to humidity and temperature changes. Avoid exposing wood furniture to extreme temperatures and humidity. Use air humidifiers in winter to maintain the ideal humidity level in the room, between 40 percent and 45 percent.

Protection from Sunlight

Direct sunlight can fade the color of wood over time. Place wood furniture in a way that avoids direct exposure to sunlight. If this is not possible, use blackout curtains or blinds to protect furniture during maximum exposure hours.

Cleaning Products

To clean wooden furniture, choose specific, high-quality products. Below are some suggestions:

Microfiber cloth: Ideal for routine cleaning. it is gentle on wood surface and captures dust effectively.

– Wood furniture oils: Special oils, such as lemon or beeswax oil, can be used for nourishing and polishing furniture. Apply them with a soft cloth and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

– Gentle cleaners: Use wood-specific cleaners, such as water-based ones, to clean stubborn stains. Make sure to dry the wood thoroughly after cleaning.

Riparazione di Graffi e Ammaccature

Should you notice scratches or dents on your wooden furniture, it is possible to hide or repair them. Use furniture markers or waxes to cover surface scratches. For deeper scratches, rely on craftsmen and professionals.

Regular Updates

From time to time, consider applying a protective top coat, such as clear coat or protective varnish. This will help preserve the wood and keep it shining over time. Again, you can rely on craftsmen and professionals.

To sum up, the upkeep and care of wooden furniture requires constant attention and high-quality products. By following these practices and using specific products, you can preserve the natural beauty of your wooden furniture and ensure that it will last a long time, while adding warmth and charm to your home. An investment of time and care today can ensure that your wood furniture remains beautiful and healthy for many years to come.