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The Art of Milling: When Wood Meets High Tech Precision

In the world of wood craftsmanship, few techniques are as crucial and precise as milling. This machining process enables the creation of works of art in wood, everything from intricate furniture to exquisite architectural details.

But what is behind this process? Let’s find out more about milling and how the machining center is revolutionizing it.



The working center is an extraordinary machine that is changing the game in woodworking. This device can process wood panels of any shape and size, raising precision to an unprecedented level.

But how does it work? It all starts with CAD CAM software, a milestone in woodworking technology. The architect or designer enters the drawing into the software, defining each and every detail of the project. From here on, the machining center comes into play, which is operated by a skilled worker, called a CNC operator, who translates the drawing into a language that the machine can understand and checks that everything runs smoothly.

This type of machine language is composed of vectors that guide the milling machine in its precise movements. It is like a perfect choreography between man and machine, where the wood comes to life under the watchful eye of the master craftsman.

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Milling is where art and technology meet in perfect harmony. We at Fagnini Furniture have made high quality our business card, and thanks to our accurate work center and skilled craftsmen, we are able to create always more precise and carefully crafted masterpieces.