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Heloidal Staircase: an architecture of impact

Helix staircase, brush lacquered with oak steps
Sinuous lines, materials that meet and complete each other: a spiral staircase designed to decorate the room with taste and elegance.

Meticulous planning, precision craftsmanship, aesthetic vision
From idea to digital drawing, from sampling to installation, this scale is the result of thorough craftsmanship.

The first step was creating a digital drawing that took into account the dimensions and specifications of the environment: height, width and slope of the laying surface.

Once the digital drawing was completed, we made a scaled-down three-dimensional model to evaluate its appearance and proportions, as well as the ergonomics of the steps.

Sampling is the next step: this step is crucial to verify that the scale reflects in cut, sanding and color the agreed-upon design, and that it fits perfectly into the environment.

After sampling, we moved on to the actual installation of the staircase.

The structure, made of fine wood, was brush lacquered to create a protective coating, a uniform and shiny surface.
The steps, made of fine oak, were mounted on the structure and integrated with LED lights that simulate a small waterfall of light and a cozy, elegant atmosphere.

The final result is a staircase that combines functionality, design, and aesthetics.