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Learn how furniture can transform your work space

Have you ever thought about how furniture can influence employee well-being and customer experience? In addition to meeting practical needs, the work environment should be a fusion of functionality and aesthetics, a place where design and practicality meet to create inspiring and welcoming spaces. Beauty and Functionality: A Perfect Marriage A well-designed workspace goes beyond […]

Explore the Magic World of Children’s Bedrooms

Welcome to the magical universe of children’s bedrooms, where every corner is an invitation to adventure and imagination. These spaces are not only practical, but true laboratories of dreams, where little ones can explore, create and grow in a stimulating and welcoming environment. In this article, we will guide you through the design of a […]

Sustainable Furniture: The Eco-Friendly Revolution in the Wood Industry.

In the current context of growing environmental awareness, the furniture industry is undergoing a significant transformation towards sustainability. This eco-friendly revolution, led by many companies in the industry, is based on concrete actions to reduce environmental impact and promote more responsible manufacturing practices. Sustainability in Action: Pandemic has acted as a catalyst to accelerate the […]

Best Practices in Hotel Furnishing: Mix of Elegance and Functionality.

When it comes time to furnish a hotel, the task we have to accomplish is crucial and goes far beyond the need for everything to be functional and practical. We have the age-old task of embodying the spirit of the establishment, defining its character and translating it, to offer its guests an unforgettable and consistent […]

Interior Design Trends 2024 with Arredamenti Fagnini

We want to share with you the relevant trends from the world of interior design for 2024. Our company, with a 40-year history behind it, continues to be a benchmark, partly because it has been able to renew itself by listening and observing trends and has been able to ride and tell through them, an […]

The Art of Milling: When Wood Meets High Tech Precision

In the world of wood craftsmanship, few techniques are as crucial and precise as milling. This machining process enables the creation of works of art in wood, everything from intricate furniture to exquisite architectural details. But what is behind this process? Let’s find out more about milling and how the machining center is revolutionizing it. […]

Wood: All about the value of an excellent raw material

Wood: All about the value of an excellent raw material Arredamenti Fagnini, located in the heart of Florence, has been an icon of excellence for more than 40 years in the design and manufacture of kitchens, custom-made furniture and wooden furnishings. A distinctive element that has made this company a benchmark in the industry, in […]

Bathroom furniture: eclectic interpretation of shape and fuctionality

Solid linden wood bathroom furniture, brush lacquered Precious and sharp design, an harmonious solution for the bathroom. Becoming more and more the protagonist of the home interior, the bathroom represents the place for relaxation above all else. Therefore, its realization must involve the world of beauty and customization. When designing these bathroom furniture, we set […]

Shake Café: harmonious wooden compositions

Clean geometries, warm nuances: handcrafted wood as the absolute protagonist. For Shake Café we created furniture elements in poplar, pine and birch that would match each other with continuity for a cozy and authentic environment. Shake Café, in the heart of the historic center of Florence, is a juice bar and restaurant characterized by a […]